Ignition Interlock Device

What is the ignition interlock device?

One of the programs we can provide you with is called ignition interlock device, which is a small, handheld electronic device that can be wired into your vehicle’s ignition system.

The device will require you to take and pass a test, which will screen your breath for alcohol, prior to starting your vehicle. After you successfully pass the test, your vehicle will start.

If your breath registers a Blood Alcohol Content that exceeds the allowed limit, your vehicle won’t start.

Choose Dreager Ignition Interlock

We recommend you choose Dreager Ignition Interlock for several reasons. It’s a reliable device with a relatively low cost, and our team will handle all the work associated with the device, in order to avoid aggravations with the DMV and the courts.

We have 3 convenient locations in Southwest Missouri. Also, when you opt for Dreager, we will provide you with on-call service.

We can provide you with the best device in the industry

Dreager Ignition Interlock offers flexible scheduling, and several programmable features. One of the software features utilizes a hum tone. This feature will require you to supply a resonance while blowing into the alcohol testing device before starting your vehicle. The hum tone will prevent techniques that can be implemented to mimic human breath or absorb alcohol.

Another available feature is the random or fixed retest. When you choose this feature, you’ll be alerted and awarded a grace period to retest after your car or truck has engaged the run state.

This test is convenient because it can be administered while you’re operating your vehicle. If you refuse to comply or fail the test, your failure will be recorded and penalties will be enforced, including repeated honking of your vehicle’s horn. This is designed to prevent you from consuming alcohol and idling at bars after you’ve completed a sober start.

Additional programmable features

Another feature made available by Dreager Ignition Interlock is the timed-lockout feature. When you elect this option, the Dreager will be programmed to accept a breath test at specific times during the day and it will remain interlocked at all other times. This feature limits your driving hours and it momentarily turns the device into an immobilization tool.

Additionally, Dreager is equipped with a bypass detection component. If you fail to pass the breath test within a predetermined amount of time after your vehicle’s ignition has been engaged, the horn will repeatedly honk until your vehicle is turned off or you are able to successfully pass an alcohol detection test.

Dreager will record all activity associated with your vehicle

Dreager will record all attempts to drive your vehicle. This is designed to discourage you from hot-wiring or push-starting your vehicle.

A computer chip will monitor and track all events associated with the use and / or misuse of the device. There will be a report summary produced via a Personal Computer, as well as a complete hard copy format.

You’ll be allocated a prearranged amount of violations, and if you reach this number during a monitoring period, you’ll be required to submit to an early inspection. Failure to report for inspection will result in complete immobilization of your vehicle. The highly-sophisticated monitoring system will immediately identify and report violations.

Dreager is equipped with a mechanism which will alert you of all scheduled monitoring checks. If you neglect to comply with the required device monitoring, this will be earmarked as a violation, and your device will be locked out.

Additional information related to the Dreager device

The system in your device will make note of any instances in which the 12 volt power supply has been disconnected or interrupted. Regardless of power interruption, your device will maintain memory via an onboard backup lithium battery.

This occurrence may take place for reasons other than tampering, such as vehicle repairs or battery replacement. You’ll be mandated to provide authenticated documentation of all vehicle repairs.

If your vehicle should stall, you will be allocated a grace period during which time the ignition component of your vehicle may be turned off and reengaged without an additional breath test being necessary.

If the emergency bypass module is implemented, you will be required to return your vehicle to the service location immediately before your vehicle is immobilized. Proof of a legitimate emergency will be forwarded directly to the referring agency. In the event of an untampered device malfunction, your service center may be pre-authorized to invoke the emergency bypass.

Dreager is equipped with a feature for required calibration. This specific feature will prevent a service center from resetting the interlock device without performing a computer controlled calibration if a predetermined period has passed since the previous calibration.

Furthermore, Dreager has an early service recall feature, which will necessitate you to return to the original service location within a specified period, if your device determines the alcohol sensor is at risk of failing imminently.

Finally, there is a feature known as LS- Auto Plus, which licenses branded software that controls programming of the device and guarantees integrity of the information that is inferred from the events log. LS-Auto Plus is an integrated, software package that controls inventory, accounting, and reporting for the service provider.


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