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What is SATOP?

The Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders’ Program (SATOP) is a relatively new network of comprehensive court options available throughout the state of Missouri. The aim of SATOP is to deliver a suitable community response to alcohol and drug-related driving offenses.

If you’re an offender, you’ll be referred to an Offender Management Unit (OMU), such as Accredited Traffic Offender Services, which is certified by the Department of Mental Health to perform a state-approved screening.

SATOP providers are required by the state to be certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.


The initial assessment will determine your treatment

For the initial step of the program, you will be screened in order to assess your alcohol and substance use in relation to your driving behavior.

The preliminary evaluation will determine what level of services you will need. Additionally, it will include a background check for your previous DWI / BAC arrests.

Your evaluation process will make use of a standard inventory of questions (Missouri Drivers Risk Inventory – DRI). Then, you will need to meet with a qualified professional who will refer you to an appropriate program.

When will you get your license back?

When your driver license is suspended or rescinded because of a DWI / DUI arrest, Missouri law requires you to successfully complete SATOP before your license may be restored.

For more information regarding the next step in the SATOP program, please refer to the information provided on our Programs page.


For your benefit, Accredited Traffic Offender Services (SATOP) has 7 locations throughout Southeast Missouri.


Accredited Traffic Offender Services (SATOP) offers a variety of programs that comply with all regulations of the state of Missouri.

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